Frequently Asked Questions

What is ラフィ ( is a simple to use, fast, anonymous and free image hosting service. It allows you to upload and share your images with people online. You can Drag & Drop, Paste, or Manually select your image file on the upload page and it will remove the image's EXIF-data and give you the direct link as well as embed codes that you can use e.g. in a forum post, signature or Markdown file.

Is really anonymous?

Online privacy is something we take very serious, hence why cleaning the EXIF/meta-data of your images is a core feature of our service. Therefore we do not collect user data or keep any kind of visitor/access logs. However when uploading an image the uploader accepts that their IP address will be logged in our database to that image for security reasons. If the image gets deleted the IP address gets deleted permanently as well.

Will you keep my files forever?

Files uploaded to are kept permanently by default, however during the upload process you can pick a temporary hosting option ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month. Also if there's content breaking our rules (or we don't like it otherwise) it will be removed.

What content is allowed?

Everything uploaded to should be legal under EU Law and the Bible. All content is welcome as long as you have the legal right to share it.

Which file types are allowed?

We currently allow JPEG, PNG and GIF files to be uploaded. Other formats can potentially be added in the future, by popular demand.

Why can't I upload files bigger than 6.9 MB?

We simply lack the resources to be a large file hosting service, while our website is completely free to use, we still have to pay our hosting bill. The upload limit has been put in place to prevent things from getting out of hand. We're more lenient with uploads from registered users but right now registration is not open to the general public.

Can I get a file removed?

If you think someone else wrongfully uploaded your content or you would like to see a file removed that you uploaded, you can just send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll look into it for you! Please send us kind and patient e-mails, the grandchildren don't send us much nowadays.

How can I support

That's very cool of you! As of right now we do not have any kind of paid features or donation system set up, but if you'd like to support us you can contact us on Twitter or at [email protected] and we can discuss it.

I have a question...

Twitter or e-mail and let's hear it!

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